January 15, 2006

I threw up

I threw up last night.
Why am I telling you this?? Because it's the first time I've thrown up in almost 16 years! Damn. All that hard work to not throw up... down the toilet.

In other news... it sure made me feel better. :)
So I guess I'm back to square one.


Melissa said...

In 16 years? wow! Well I'm glad that you at least feel better and that the bug you've got goes away fast!

Sarah Kramer said...

Yeah. I'm so mad about it. *laugh* I wanted to get to 20 years. :)

Anonymous said...

Being sick really SUCKS!! But it didn't seem to let me down on Sat...I discovered YOU!

Anonymous said...

oooh, just like on Seinfeld! Jerry throws up after eating a black and white cookie, but hadn't thrown up previously since like 1984.

hope you are feeling better!

GeekyDelirium said...

ACK! Sorry to hear you're not well. Do you think you have a stomach bug or just horrific cramps?

Sarah Kramer said...

I thought I had a stomach bug but it was horrific cramps like I haven't had since I was in grade 9. Soooo painful that I threw up. It was nuts. No amount of drugs, heating pads and crying made me feel any better until I puked. Then I fell asleep and slept until 9:45am. Ahhhhhh.

Woke up normal. WTF?? :)