May 04, 2006

Shut up!

Lame. Our car was broken into tonight...and we have secure parking in this building. Yikes.They bent the door frame with something (I guess to try and unlock it) and the glass exploded. It went EVERYWHERE! There was glass 6 feet away from the car. Crazy.
They took a few things that are hopefully covered by insurance but luckily they didn't take Fergus's favourite ball or Gerry's new motorcycle helmet (weird). They also cleaned out my ashtray of about $10 in parking money but left my chewing-gum (thank you).
They also took my cd case with the cherries on the front that I bought at Target the last time I was in the states. Boo hoo. I love that case...

In a weird twist of psychic luck I had spent 10 minutes today cleaning out my cd case and removing all the cd's that weren't burned and luckily taking inside my hard to find Jane Wiedlin FUR cd, so all the bad-guys got was a VERY cute cd case full of cdr's.

Sadly one of those cdr-s was my illegally downloaded copy of Kelly Osbourne's SHUT UP. Like I'm going to bother illegally downloading that again... but I love that cd... it's so fun to drive to. Anyone unashamed enough to admit that they own it and want to burn me a copy?? :)


Anonymous said...


So sorry to hear about your car!!! It's such a cool looking little vehicle. It's such a horrible feeling when something like that happens - you feel so violated. I hope the guys who did it get theirs.

Jenna (TofuPunk)

Anonymous said...

I'll send you a copy.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your car, Sarah. I'm glad no one was hurt.

kinziephoto said...

bastards! that's what happened to us :( I'm glad they didn't take Fergus' ball though. I was so pissed after ours was broken into - I felt like leaving it unlocked.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Sarah -- that sucks! I hope insurance comes through quickly to get things fixed!

The Mad Tatter said...

Sorry about the car! :(

As for the Jane Wiedlin CD, I got a tape copy as a prize for answering a question at an 8th grade mixer. I had no idea then that "Fur" would become one of my all-time-favorite albums. I wore out the tape and was fortunate enough to find a used CD copy (in pristine condition) at a local used record store. Jane rocks!

P.S. I found your book "La Dolce Vegan" on my local library's New Book shelf. I read it that night and woke up as a vegan-wannabe the next morning! I have eschewed as many animal products as I can (cheese occasionally makes its way into my food) and I am LOVING my new lifestyle choice!!!! Thanks Sarah!

Tatiana said...

Hi Sarah!
Sorry about your car.
One of my friends told me that he never locks his car just in case that somebody wanted to get into it. If there are such people they will get in anyway. So, leave the door open and they will not brake the car, or windows, or... BUT, don't leave valuables in the car. I think it's very smart.