February 15, 2007

Off we go - part 2

Woke up around 8am and had a nice leisurely breakfast in Stac & Molly's fantastic kitchen.
They have this rad old vintage stove ... called... THE GRILLEVATOR!!
Molly made cement counters for the kitchen and they are so freaking beautiful.

Even added a little pretty focal point with some scrap metal... I'm in love wit these counters!
Called a cab and here I sit in the airport waiting for our flight. Gerry is peeing right now. He pees a lot. I think it's all the coffee.... our flight is in a few minutes. See you in NY!!

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Celeste said...

My husband is in the middle of making concrete counters for our kitchen... we stuck hunks of crystals into the side edge for accent.

Your friend's counter looks amazing.